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TraveLibro – Travel Journeys and Trip Planner

Travel app, Travel Guide, Travel planner, Travel, Travel Diary, Trip planner, Holiday planner

Capture, save & share your adventures while you travel, with whom you travel.

Create shared memories with your travel buddies using simple features like check-in, status & photo

updates and quick notes to etch your precious travel memories in the form of a beautiful timeline.

TraveLibro is an absolute must for any trip planner. Holiday planner, itinerary / itineraries, travel diary,

are just some of the features that TraveLibro provides. Absolutely free, TraveLibro is a platform which

has a growing global community where avid travellers, travel enthusiasts and travel agents meet and


TraveLibro gives you the chance to have access to all the tools you would need when it comes to

travelling. Whether it is planning, choosing your destination, budgeting, finding travel agents, holiday

planner, travel tracker etc. TraveLibro is an app which is meant for every traveller.

It could be a quick domestic trip or a long and exciting international holiday. Every traveller needs a

trip planner. The various features of the app include:

Itineraries and destinations: With over 100 countries, 1,000’s of destinations & itineraries,

TraveLibro is exactly what you need to learn and read about destinations near or far. Our editors have

hand picked itineraries which you can filter based on destination, budget, duration of your vacation

etc. This would be your one stop shop for travel information and your handy trip planner. You will

have access to detailed write ups about hotels, restaurants, eateries, tourist spots and historical sites

for every vacation destination.

On-The-Go app – Track and share your holidays while you travel. Check-in, share pictures and make

notes with all your travel buddies during your holiday. Share and live the journey with them and other

friends on the go.

Travel planner: A holiday planner which is custom suited for your needs. A romantic honeymoon, a

vacation with the family or a fun filled holiday with friends. TraveLibro’s Travel planner is what will help

you make the perfect trip. Pre-plan your trips with over 1,500 well researched editor itineraries from

over 1,200 cities.

Travel Blog: With 100’s of travel bloggers sharing their travel experiences everyday, a compendium

of information is at your fingertips. The travel blog is a good way to keep yourself updated with new

and exciting must do’s on vacations. Our travel blog is constantly updated daily to ensure that you

have the latest information about travel across the world.

Travel Diary: If you have travelled before, are an avid traveller or about to travel, why not maintain

your travel diary. Keep a record of your travel tales so that you never forget such a beautiful

experience. Let your friends be a part of your travels through the travel diary and make sure that you

are a part of their journey as well. Store your memories, pictures and track all your travels.

Travel agents: Where there is travel, there is a budget. TraveLibro has partnered with 100’s of travel

agents from across the globe. Signing up with TraveLibro, gives you the opportunity to get in touch

with any of these travel agents to get the best deals for flights, hotels and much more. Compare the

ones you like best and get started with your holiday!

TraveLibro is an app every traveller should have on their phone. For more information, you can

always visit

Plan, experience, cherish and share your travel memories forever, all through one global app.

What’s New in Version 1.4

New Functionality:
Add Countries to Tracker in Travel Profile
Edit Tracker

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