Tata Swach Nova Silver RO Wall Mounted 4-Litre Water Purifier

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Tata Swach range of Silver RO purifiers comes in with best in class features from the house of Tata. Water contamination is a pertinent problem in today’s era where various suspended solids, dissolved impurities like chemicals, heavy metal salts, organic and biological contamination present in water adversely affect the health of the person consuming it. Untreated water may also have unpleasant odours and taste bitter and salty. Impurities as such thus lead to high TDS which indicates hardness of water. It causes scale build up in pipes and valves and interferes with taste of food and beverages and makes them less desirable to consume. High TDS water is also less thirst quenching and can pose serious health hazard. Water above 150 ppm is generally hard and is not advised for consumption. Pure water with essential minerals is needed to flush chemicals and toxins from the body. For a child whose immune system is still under development exposure to toxic chemicals in water can lead to increased risk of diseases and learning disorders. Tata Swach Silver RO purifiers now provide safety against all such risks and are the right choice for your family’s health. Tata Swach Nova Silver RO is a 4 stage purifier with a purification flow rate of up to 8 Litres per Hour. It has a 4 litres zero contaminant tank. The Silver action inside with silver impregnation imparts longer life to cartridge. The advanced indicators provide you with intelligent information and inform the status and the health of the system.
Purifies upto 2000 TDS and silver action inside for longer cartridge life
Auto flush mechanism for membrane protection
Zero Contaminant Tank: Saves hassle of tank cleaning
Auto low pressure cut-off and inlet water switch off mechanism
Advanced indication panel provides intelligent information
Front panel opening for easy service and voltage spike guard
Stages: Sediment cartridge 10 micron, pre-carbon, sediment cartridge 5 micron, RO, post-carbon, UV
Membrane Type: 50 GPD, TLC; Technology: RO
Body Material: ABS; Purification Rate: Upto 8 litres per hour
Booster Pump Voltage: 24V DC; Inlet Water Temperature: 2° C to 40° C
Warranty: 1 Year comprehensive warranty on product
Customer Service Number: 18002585858
Booster Pump Voltage: 24V DC; Inlet Water Temperature: 2° C to 40° C
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