Relispray spray Instant Pain Relief 75 g Rs.136 @ Amazon

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Relispray spray Instant Pain Relief 75 g Rs.136 @ Amazon

Natural pain reliever and category leader. Relispray has an amazing ayurvedic formulation and direct spray action that relieves pain within minutes and soothes and helps repair damaged muscles.

  • With natural ingredients like wintergreen oil, karpura, nilgiri ka tel, pudine ka phool, lavang ka tel it generates heat, penetrates the skin, gives relief from pain, relaxes and warms up muscles and increases blood circulation in the affected area
  • Balms do not penetrate the skin thus not carrying medicinal properties to the pain area and also needs to rub on the skin which may cause tissue damage

Product usage: Instant pain relief when sprayed on elbow, neck, muscle, shoulder, joints, tired feet, sprain, backache and body ache.

  • Active people use Relispray during warm up, its ayurvedic formulation helps warm up the skin and relaxes the muscles
  • At the end of a working day, soothes tired muscles and relaxes the body.
  • Helpful pain relief from Arthrtis, Rheumatism, Gout, Osteoarthritis and Neuralgia.
Relispray Balms Other Chemical based Sprays
Direct Spray Action Yes No Yes
Only Natural Oils Yes Yes No
Highest % Wintergreen Yes No No
Rubbing required No No No
Added Chemicals No No Yes
Contains drugs No No Yes
Habit forming No May be May be
Key Ingredients:

Wintergreen oil, Relispray has the highest percentage of wintergreen oil for quick pain relief. It easily penetrates the skin and induces an anaesthetic effect on the nerves. It also increases circulation of the blood and brings warmth to the area, thus fighting pain and inducing relaxation. Its warmth helps clear obstructions in the flow of blood – one of the major causes behind rheumatism and arthritis. Nilgiri ka tel is anti-inflammatory and soothing, ideal for treating sore, over-exercised muscles. It helps relax stiff muscles, allows pain relief and eases muscle movement. Topically this oil has been seen to help with some arthritis pain and muscle soreness.

Karpura has sedative, cooling and stimulating properties, relieves swelling, aches and pains produced by arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatism, thereby providing a sense of rejuvenation. Spraying also gives relief from neuralgia.

Lavang ka tel relieves pain, it is a counter irritant and has local stimulating effects that treat swellings.

Pudine ka phool dilates the vessels causing a sensation of coldness followed by analgesic effect.

Turpentine oil warms up the muscle, increases blood circulation, starts pain relief instantly.

Cinnamon Oil is ideal for post workout muscle soreness. It is anti-inflammatory substance and helps remove stiffness from muscles and joints, highly recommended for arthritis.

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