We are now More Secure – SSL/TLS Security Assessment of discountdukan.com

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Internet shopping and online banking would not be feasible without a way to make sensitive information (usernames, passwords, credit card details) secure from possible thieves. For many websites, such security is made possible through HTTPS.

You might have already seen this in the address bar of your favorite browser:



The ‘s’ in HTTPS stands for “secure.” This means that Discount Jugaad is using a secure connection with you – any data being sent to and from the website is encrypted (encoded with a secret key) so, in theory, nobody else (aside from the site you’re visiting) will get hold of sensitive data while after typing and hitting ‘submit’ or the enter key. Data like email addresses, phone numbers, usernames and passwords you use when logging in to your bank account, or credit card information, for example, must absolutely be protected through encryption, or you might find yourself a victim of internet theft.



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