Martin Gravity based Mineral Pot 16 Ltrs Non Electric Water Purifier RS.599

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Martin Gravity based Mineral Pot 16 Ltrs Non Electric Water Purifier.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: New Unbreakable Mineral Water Pot with 16 Litres. Capacity A non-electric water purifier with Ceramic Filter + Activated Carbon + Sediment Cloth Filter + PH Filter + Minerals, purifying chlorinated or contaminated water to clean natural Mineral Water. It follows 7 Steps to filter normal water to mineral water. Purification stage- 7 Step Filtration: 1st step: Ceramic dome filter, 2nd step: Granular activated carbon, 3rd step: Silica sand, 4th step: Zeolite, 5th & 6th step: Mineral stones & mineral sand dish.  Filter Capacity: 35-65 liters/ Day. Net Weight: 3.5 Kg.


Features & Benefits of 16 liters Mineral Filter- Micro hole ceramic filter releases inorganic mineral elements needed for human body, Streamlined & contemporary design Granular activated carbon cartridge, No electricity required. It removes chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, iron & dust also eliminates odour & improves taste. Hassle free maintenance. Fill water and drink directly. WARRANTY 3 Months Warranty on any leakages in body only. We are confident of the quality of our products, should any malfunctions develop due to faulty materials or manufacturing defect only, we will replace the part. Warranty naturally does not cover misuse or negligent handing, or prolonged use of expired filters resulting in physical damage. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY 1. The Customer will notify the dealer in writing along with the original invoice. 2. The Customer will deposit the goods in the service center if so required. 3. Inspection and test report of the dealer/service center will be final for determining the defects under the warranty. 4. The dealer/service center will be entitled to retain any defective part replaced under the warranty. 5. Warranty shall be limited to the first sales of the goods by the company to the customer. 6. Consumables such as Ceramic filter, Mineral/Carbon Cartridge which are subject to normal wear & tear in course of use are not covered by this warranty. 7. The customer will have no claim against the company in respect of any loss/Damage caused by or due to mishandling of the equipment. 8. The company has the sole discretion to decide to cover the warranty or void it after due diligence and will stand final. 9. Repair/Replacement warranty will be carried out only by the dealer from which the system has been purchased. Free repair and product exchange obligations will be annulled under the following conditions: a) If the product becomes faulty due to use contrary to the terms or conditions stated in the user guide. b) If the product has been opened, used, or previously repaired by unauthorized persons. c) If the product serial number has been altered or removed. d) If the fault or damage to the product occurred during the transportation outside of the responsibility of Florentine Authorized logistic departments. e) A break or scratch to the product?s exterior while in the customer?s possession. f) When our product is damaged due to use with accessories or devices purchased from other firms or unauthorized services. g) The warranty does not cover: circumstances beyond Florentine Control; natural disasters; misuse, abuse, pest infestation; damages due to accident; damages due to broken or cracked parts; damages due to electrical surges such as lightning or sparks; removal and prevention of computer virus; software bugs & fixes; service or parts to correct problems resulting from the use of attachments, accessories, or alterations not authorized by Florentine; service required as the result of unauthorized modification, upgrading or service; failure to follow Florentine operating and maintenance instructions; use of the product in voltages other than designated voltage h) A report prepared by the Florentine Authorized Service Center will determine whether the damage was caused by improper use

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