Insect and Mosquito Killer with Night Lamp Buy 1 Get 1 Free Rs.159

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Insect and Mosquito Killer with Night Lamp Buy 1 Get 1 Free


Product Description :

Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp is definitely a boon in the era of health hazards like Dengue,malaria etc.

It attracts and kills the harmful mosquitos and serves to be an inhouse life saver.

This mosquito killer is Harmless  Economical to use.

It consumes less electricity.

It can be placed anywhere inside the house where the inflow of mosquitos is higher for effective response.

Maintenance of this device is almost negligible and It Requires no chemicals, mats or sprays This electronic mosquito killer silently kiils the harmful mosquitoes without any air  noise pollution.

It has a circular space for all round access to operation.It provides Direct Plug  Plug in facility.

With the Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp enjoy life and sleep peacefully without the threat to fatal diseases

The Killer can be used in bed-room, hall, office, chicken farm, and any other places where needs killing mosquitoes.




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