Dettol Cool Soap – 125 gm (Pack of 3) + Dettol cool soap 75 gm Free

Deal Score+1
Rs. 146 Buy It Now
Deal Score+1
Rs. 146 Buy It Now

Get this Dettol Cool Soap that keeps you clean and healthy for a long time. Its unique formulation is known to kill almost 99 percent germs. It kills germs 10 times more than other standard soaps. Also, it offers a twelve hour odour protection. It cleanses and protects your skin for a hygienic clean and a healthy refreshing feeling every day. It also treats personal cleanliness bacterial skin infections, conjunctivitis and fungal infections are all associated with poor personal hygiene. It also helps in keeping your body clean and also reduces the risk of cross infection and self infection. It comes in a pack of three. Also, it offers one Dettol soap 75 grams absolutely free.

-20% DETTOL Cool Germ Protection Bathing Soap(125 g)
Rs. 100 Rs. 125
-23% DETTOL Cool Trusted Protection Soap 125g x 3(3 x 125 g)
Rs. 190 Rs. 249
-18% DETTOL cool soap 125 GM (PACK OF 4)(4 x 125 g)
Rs. 235 Rs. 287
-13% DETTOL Cool with Crispy Menthol Soap - 125g (Pack of 4)(4 x...
Rs. 268 Rs. 310
-6% DETTOL Cool Soap, Buy 4 Get 1 (125 gm each) (5 x...
Rs. 300 Rs. 320
-9% DETTOL Cool Soap, Buy 4 Get 1 (125 gm each)(5 x 125...
Rs. 311 Rs. 345
-17% DETTOL Bathing Bar Soap,Epic Cool ( Pack of 24) 125G*24(3000 g)
Rs. 1,563 Rs. 1,900

Dettol menthol cool akin care bathing soap review || Anti fungal and body care soap || SG Support

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Dettol Cool Soap

As your kid grows, use #DettolCool that gives 100% better protection and the cooling of menthol so nothing gets in their way and they stay protected all day.

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