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What Is a Home Spa ? Not Unlike A Sauna In That It Induces Sweating, But With Entirely Different Atmospheric Conditions, The DEEMARK HOME SPA Not Only Relaxes You And Renews Your Energy, But Also Promotes Your Health And Beauty As Well. It Is Operating Most Effectively At Temperatures Of Between 43C (110F) And 46C (116F) And A Relative Humidity Above 100%. In A Steam Bath, Steam (Or To Be More Scientifically Correct, MIST) Should Be Permanently Present. This Requires An Efficient Steam Generator, A Precise Control System And A Steam-Tight Cabin To Prevent Steam Escaping And Damaging The Fabric Of The Surrounding Room. EFFECTS OF A HOME SPA A HOME SPA Is Health Giving As Well As Enjoyable. As A Supportive Activity, A HOME SPA Is Especially Recommended To Alleviate The Conditions Listed Below By Virtue Of Its High Steam Content And The General Benefits Of Moist Heat. The List Was Confirmed By The Research Carried Out At The Institute Of Medical Balneology And Climatology At The University Of Munich: Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh Of The Upper Respiratory Tract, Coughs, Hoarseness, Expectoration (Particularly With The Assistance Of Essential Oils) Non-Acute Rheumatic Complaints And Restricted Or Painful Movements Of The Joints. In Addition, Again as a Supportive Measure the HOME SPA is Beneficial For Persons Suffering From: Sleeping Disorders, Particularly Through Over Excitability, Poor Skin Circulation, Dry, Chapped Skin, Muscular Tension, Muscular Weakness In The Subcutaneous Blood Vessels, And Sensitivity To Sudden Changes Of Temperature. A Great Advantage of the HOME SPA lies In Its Highly Beneficial Effect On The Skin, A Feature Particularly Appreciated By Women. The Moist Heat Stimulates The Subcutaneous Blood Flow And Cleanses The Skin Intensively, Opening The Pores, Removing Dead Skin And Impurities And Leaving The Skin Feeling Soft, Clean And Silky Smooth.

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