Aimil BGR 34 Tablets Blood Glucose Metaboliser Rs.429

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Aimil BGR 34 Tablets Blood Glucose Metaboliser


100% effective and proven medicine for sugar control.

Dosage : 2 tablets twice a day empty stomach ,
2 tablets before break fast and before dinner daily.

An anti-diabetes herbal drug, jointly developed by two Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) laboratories has been launched in certain parts of North India. The drug, dubbed BGR-34, has been derived from the medicinal plant extracts as described in the ancient Ayurveda text.

BGR-34 been jointly developed by National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP). For the purpose of commercialisation, the drug licence has been awarded to Delhi-based Aimil Pharamaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. In return, Aimil will pay royalty based on drug sales to CSIR.


The drug is available in the form of a 500mg pill which needs to be consumed twice a day by a patient suffering from diabetes. BGR-34 was recently approved by the Indian ministry
BGR-34, a Blood Glucose Regulator brings the revolution, with a breakthrough Phyto-research of decade, jointly developed by scientist of CSIR-NBRI &CSIR- CIMAP.

BGR-34 manages the lives of suffering Diabetics. BGR-34 an optimized concentration of synergistically acting herbal extracts makes it highly efficacious in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus.



Scientifically proven, clinically and toxicologically tested with exclusive benefits –


  • Potential DDP-4 inhibitor with cardio protective action
  • Scientifically proven, optimized formulation
  • Enriched with 34 vital phytocontituents, derivatives
  • Regulates glucose homeostasis
  • Converts proinsulin to insulin
  • Reduces level of glycosylated Hb
  • Exerts anti-oxidant action.



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